Popcorn Flavors 

– Savory Flavors –

Movie Theater Butter

Settle in for your favorite flick and crunch into this perfectly buttered, lightly salted, one-hand-after-the-other favorite. Sure to enhance any drama, action, documentary or love story you can get your paws’ on!

White Cheddar

MmmMmmMmm…this flavor just melts in your mouth and has you coming back for more! Perfect all by its lonesome or even mixed with a lil sumthin’ sweet if that’s yer pleasure…

Sea-Salt-N-Black Pepper

Not your everyday run of the mill pantry kind neither! Heck, this flavor would be perfect sprinkled on top of a baked potato with all the fixin’s…

Yellow Cheddar​

Taste so good, it’ll make that Cheetah fella change his spots!

Texas Chili

Now nuthin’ brings a back yard BBQ full circle like a heapin’ bowl of this county fair winner!

Dill Pickle

Tastes like momma just pickled it herself and just enough twang to rile those taste buds and want sum-more!


Forget your plastic bottled-grocery store ranch, this tastes just like the homemade version served at Sunday picnics after church!

Jalapeno Ranch

Just enough kick to make you wanna dip your veggies in………but don’t go ruinin’ good popcorn like that now, ya hear?


Flavor so perfect, it’ll have you searchin’ for the wings….but you’ll have to buy them separately!


Close your eyes and imagine a slice of your favorite, but without of that terrible carb guilt!

BBQ Bacon

Perfect mix of southern barbeque kick, with just enough bacon to make you “hog wild”!!

Honey Butter

So sweet, it’s delicious enough to be served after Sunday dinner!

​Hot Mess

The perfect combination of spicy Jalapeno with an extra lil punch of Ghost pepper.

Sea A Salt N Vinegar

Just like the chips–betcha can’t eat just one (bite)!

White Cheddar Jalapeno

Fan favorite white cheddar with a hint of spicy jalapeno.

Garlic Parm

So much garlic even the dog won’t wanna kiss ya!

– Sweet N Sassy Flavors –


Tastes like the Grand Prize winner of the Peach n’ Melon festival – fresh picked and “Shuga Sweet!”


Texas’ finest grapes juiced, pressed and refined into the classic flavor of all gramma’s jellies.


So sweet you’ll think it’s just been chopped down by Washington himself…

Black Cherry

Cherry’s sweeter cousin.

Vanilla Confetti

Madagascar ain’t got nuthin’ on this flavor…

Fruity Confetti

A perfect blend of all of our fruity flavors mixed up to give you a party in every handful.


Ready to pair with vanilla for a strawberries n cream! Sweet and delicious, fresh out of the patch!

Pina Colada

Add a tiny umbrella, throw on your floppy hat, toes in the sandy beach, and it’s ready to take you away to a tropical paradise…right here in the heart of Texas…

Blue Coconut

Mild coconut flavor, perfect snackin’!

Red Hot Cinnamon

Reminiscent of a classic crimson candy that’s spicy and perfectly sweet…


Pink bubbly pops that will take you back to grade school memories with a quarter burnin’ a hole in your pocket.

Bearcat Blend

Cheer-ready!!!! “Maroon-and-White/Fight-Fight-Fight/tastes-just-right!”

Buttered Toffee

Perfectly flavored, minus the peanuts!


Classic favorite, anytime, anyplace, anywhere is PERFECT!


Just the right amount of salty and sweet to have you craving more and more!!!

Jalapeno Caramel

Spicy and sweet, just enough heat!

Honey Hush

Tupelo ain’t got nothin’ on our honey. Starts out with a light caramel and finish with a big honey! Everyone’s fav.

– Specialty Flavors –

* Sold In Store Only *
Cat’s Sass

We start with our perfectly candied Caramel popcorn then kick it up and drizzle it with milk and white chocolate…..Need we say more?? This little kitty is purrrrfffect!

Birthday Cake​

Celebrate your day with this birthday cake popcorn slathered in white chocolate and sprinkles-(candles not included).